I would very much like to point out that Jasmin has yet again demonstrated that it’s a power, through ambition and work ethics, pushing beyond the phrase “sky is the limit”. We all were nervous. Since boarding for Budapest, we all imagined what and how it will be like but… no one expected to be so impressive.
@el_terrorcito and @dora.venesz‘s warm welcome made us feel we were definitely part of a true family.

The trip from airport to destination was spiced up with plenty of laughter.

Once we were out of the bus we were in for the first surprise. @jasmindotcom staff were handing beautiful roses for the beautiful ladies.

Voila…splendid reception…Our Bsmart Studio models were princesses for the night.
@balazs_jasmin, with his warm energy gave out the first details about the stay and welcomed us in his original style.

We were all smiling and completely forgot about how tired we were.

After checking in our rooms, a new surprise from Jasmin: bathing suits..girls were embraced by Jasmin Lifestyle in an instant after wearing them.

Of course, surprises didn’t end here…Chef Gyorgy Liptak presented the menu for the evening and, wow, so many goodies to choose from. Yammy!

A real culinary treat, completely different from what we (unfortunately) are used to eat. Throughout the stay we have been given a lesson of what healthy food means! Bravo!
But now let’s talk about why we came there. To learn.
Exciting “games”and a very pleasant way of knowing each other,
The team was divided in two groups making the activities even more interactive. We had the pleasure of being guided on one hand by @stef_adam and Elena and on the other hand by Emmanuel Ruiz and @david.ronald.t. These 3 days were an absolute blast… fantastic opportunity to share ideas, listen and understand other perspectives; we let creativity lead us to new lands. Of course that joyfulness was present all the time.

@jasmindotcom Lifestyle
I could sum up everything in one word: Extraordinary.. but that would be selfish of me not to share this experience with you.
Each day ended with a pool session. Brilliant way to end a day. Another surprise that, this time delighted our hearing, was the live music prepared by the 3 performers invited in the campus. We sang and danced on the most popular songs.

Obviously, I will not forget to mention the fantastic surprise Jasmin team had planned for us in the last night: a Mariachi band.
Augusto made us feel…..amor a la mexicana and feel the rhythm in our hips. We literally didn’t stay down for not even a second… “Soy un hombre muy honrado…” was the beginning of a memorable night.

But since everything comes to an end, we got ready for the trip back.

@thejasmincampus, we are on our way back home and focused on applying everything we have learned.
Surprises however, didn’t cease to exist. The sides of the bus were covered with girl’s pictures. Everyone was doing selfies.

First stop: Docler Offices.

Jasmin universe unravelling in front of us allowing us to see where Jasmin came to life. We got to meet the people that are ready to help and guide us 24/7. We were given the opportunity to finally ask questions and clear mysteries.
Right after Elena and Dávid Roland Szabó were done showing us around the office, we had the chance to enjoy ourselves for a few hours in Budapest’s history and charm. We went sightseeing.
The weather was friendly, we could walk and take plenty of selfies.

It was beautiful, fun and interactive in the same time.
We are happy to be part of the Jasmin family. Now we only need to put in practice everything that we were taught and we are looking forward with great interest to 2020.
A special thank you goes to Mr. @gattyangyuri and Mr. @papp_karoly for they redefine the standards in personal connections and create new ways for humans to bond.